Monsters of Charlottesville

Aug. 16th, 2017 09:44 am
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I wrote this on Facebook a few days ago. It's received a fair amount of positive feedback, so I decided to share it here.

Monsters of Charlottesville, you have renounced any moral claim you might have ever had to the rights and privileges of American citizenship. The First Amendment protects your right to spew your hate. It also protects my right to say that you are vile, and have no place in a civilized society. The First Amendment also protects the right of citizens to *peaceably* assemble, but clearly you have no interest whatsoever in that.

You have no support from decent people, from good people, from moral people. If you bring your hate to my state, I will be there to tell you that you are not welcome. You disgust me, but you do not frighten me, and you do not intimidate me. The American Spirit is stronger than you. The Constitution is stronger than you.

You have allied yourselves with the most repulsive and murderous regime in human history. In the name of the six million, I shun you.
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Mirrored from Jenrose.

(and what we could do better)

Okay, look, I cannot be the only parent who sat through Spiderman going, “Tony, you are fucking this up by the numbers,” can I?

So, number one, you need to be trustworthy to your kids to the point where they will feel safe telling you things, whether those things are, “Hey, look, I’m Spiderman,” or “I know where the bad guys who keep stealing alien tech are,” or, “I’m gay,” or “The cool kids are encouraging me to do things I’m not comfortable with and I don’t know how to get out if it without losing face.”

Second of all, you need to listen to your kids. If they say, “This is important,” you take the time, especially if it’s your job, HAPPY. Even if it feels like they’re making mountains out of molehills, if you don’t listen to the little stuff, you won’t hear the big stuff.

Third, encourage your kids’ special interests, and if their special interests include vigilante hero work, you stop everything and help redirect them into a path that gives them 100% of the training they need to not get killed, including how to work with a team and law enforcement, TONY. You don’t just shove things at them and expect them to do it and then yell when they mess up because you never told them what was possible.

Fourth, pay attention to warning signs, especially signs of boredom and frustration. Teenagers who are bored and frustrated are much more likely to get into trouble, whether they are typical schoolkids or scientific geniuses bitten by radioactive spiders.

Fifth, help kids stay busy with things that matter to them. That means you have to sit down and talk to them without yelling at them, just casually, a lot, to find out what those things are or at least provide a support structure that will actually keep them safe, busy, and interested.

Sixth, don’t yell at kids for asking for help, or for fucking up when they try to cope with you not being their for them when they do ask for help. That’s just rude.

Seventh, if a kid looks up to you, treat that as a high honor, not your due.

Eight, accept your kids for who and what they are, right now, no matter what, and don’t assume that says anything about who they’ll be next week or next years. You accept them on their terms, and work from there, you don’t just drop them into adult expectations without warning, or treat them like infants until the day you kick ‘em out of their suit.

And last, and probably the most important, you need to provide every kid, superhero or not, with an escape hatch, a safety clause, a no-questions-asked-drop-everything help button, and it needs to not be a tracking device. Give them magic words, like, “Awesome!” or “Jazzed” or something else depending on what would be inconspicuous for them. Things where they go, “Hey, Mom, it would be AWESOME if I could spend the night with my friend Nick,” and you know that if they really wanted to spend the night they would have asked in any other way… so you be the guy who says, “Sorry, kid, gotta be home by 9.”

Or maybe they say, “It would be TOTALLY AWESOME if I could spend the night with my friend Nick,” and you know that means, “Help, this is out of control and I need help right now!”

Or they say, “I’d be really jazzed if I could go to Jeff’s house,” and you know that means not only come pick them up, but maybe bring backup or call emergency services or the Avengers.

Or, you know, if you’re Tony Stark, have a hot button the kid controls completely and you NEVER take it away as punishment. The technology exists, you arrogant pecan. You invented it.

Current events

Aug. 15th, 2017 10:30 pm
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We used to agree that Nazis were the bad guys.

Book Paralysis

Aug. 15th, 2017 11:56 am
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so I'm finding in my reading and desire to read, that I've developed what I'm calling book paralysis. This is not the first time this has happened, but I'm noticing it keenly enough that I thought I might write about it today and see for how many of you this might also apply occasionally.

Currently, I have at least two books on my Kindle that I'm working through.. in reality, I have quite a few others waiting, but I wanted to see about making progress on these two, and one is a classic. I know many of you have read it. But it is a bit long and it is ok, though as I read it, I find that I look at how much more I have to read and for all the crisis and convolutions of the first half of it, it feels odd that I'm only halfway through it. It is dragging in it's own way, like an orgasm that you feel building and building, but stubbornly refuses to pitch itself over the edge. Will I be able to keep up the momentum to get to a point where the book pulls me in deeper on its own and gives me reason to voraciously consume the rest? Or am I going to have to circle and circle around it enduringly hoping that the payoff and pain will be worth this work? It has currently sat unread for weeks now.

Another book I've started but almost immediately stopped reading was a nonfiction book. One that might prove to help me be a better human, but which seems written from the perspective of the already enlightened and not from one like me who is still debating the merits of change much less committed to getting there. I say it is very fluffy, but what I guess I mean by that is that ideology presented in the book is very well regarded, but the text feels very cheerleadery and I find myself turned off by it. We're going to teach you the way of things, but we're going to make sure you drink the koolaid first. That has sat unread one or two chapters in.

So those were the two books on the docket. I suspect I will want to start a third so I keep moving forward on things I want to read, but in the meantime, the feeling of leaving those two books sitting... idle... leaves me not wanting to open my Kindle. It's odd. It is a sense of guilt of abandoning these things. One I want to read (as difficult as the text seems to be making the story), and one I need to read but kinda can't. Instead of removing them from my Kindle, they sit there taunting me, and turning me off the idea of reading altogether. It's.. interesting. I understand the mechanisms at work, and I've finally decided to face it head on and deal with the issue by 86ing both books and picking up the next thing I truly want to read and enjoy. I may trim out the on-deck list as well. I figure those books will always be available to grab later, and in the meantime, I won't feel this weird guilt and aversion to picking up my Kindle.

In their place, I have the first of the Bern Saga series by Hugh Howey that I'm looking forward to starting. It is older than his Silo series and some of the newer stuff yet, but I've heard good things, and I'm looking forward to it.

On the topic of Hugh Howey, if you have not read the Silo series, I highly recommend it. The Wool Omnibus is a great place to start. Also, the Beacon short stories are also delightful.
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I know the answer to the question in the subject: no more than two days, and possibly only one. The accounts receivable department, or whatever it's called, of the IRS must be the most efficient organization in the entire US government.

I mailed a four-figure back tax payment on the 7th to Ogden, UT via the usual first class mail. It was cashed on the 11th. There's no way it took fewer than two days to get there.

Catching up with the future

Aug. 13th, 2017 11:48 pm
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I'm not going to talk about politics here, other than events and actions that concern me personally. I do a lot of ranting about politics over on Facebook, and all I have to say is, the last couple of days have been personally draining to me.

Partly because my health insurance after 9/1/17 is uncertain (I'm on a program that renews manually every 6 months, my circumstances are changing, and I may or may not qualify again), I've been doing all the medical stuff that needs doing with a deadline of the end of August. I've also (shhhhh!) been ordering my 90 day prescriptions at the 2 month line on the dot faithfully, and I'm a bit ahead, which will tide me over at least until 1/1/18, when I may be on a different insurance.

I don't want to go into TMI personal med stuff, but I had 2 appointments last week (including the one where one needs to bring along a driver), I have 2 more this week (both follow up visits, first with specialist, second with PCP), and the following week 2 more (dermatologist and chiropractor.)

On the 17th, my birthday, I will be signing the closing papers for the reverse mortgage. I've been planning and reading about this for 7 years, since I took early retirement, and I'm sick of hearing uninformed people saying, "Don't do it!" My other choice is to sell the house and use up all the money on rent, then die in poverty, or sell the house and move to a more affordable area (Waco seems cheap, or Flint, Michigan, where houses go for practically nothing.) - I don't want to do those things. So, reverse mortgage it is. It funds on the 22nd, which means I can pay a few overdue bills, get things like glasses and shoes that I've been putting off, and stuff like that. I only get a percentage the first year, and most of the cash isn't available until year 2. I do have some plans for that cash, but the focus is to hang on to the bulk of it for income and/or emergencies. Out of the bit I get in - 8 days now - they're holding out a large sum for some painting work that needs to be done. Thus far, I've had one bid, and didn't much like the bidder or the bid. If I can get the painting done for what I think is a reasonable amount, I'll save about 2-3,000.

Monthly, I will have more spending cash due to not paying a mortgage any longer, and that extra cash will go toward improving my enjoyment of life. Little things. Like flying into cons on Thursday instead of Friday so I can get over jet lag and enjoy Fridays more. I plan to stay in the hotel for MileHiCon this year instead of going Saturday only as I have the past few times. It will be nice to have a place to put stuff, so I'm not walking around carrying things all day. Perhaps I'll have money for t-shirts and books and CDs, and going out to eat more than once during a con. I'm sure I'll go to more concerts, see movies in theaters, and so on. There are also home repairs to do, some now, and some in the future.

I have other plans. It's been really difficult to relax the past 7 years sweating out the paychecks, and one of the changes will be a bit more time, I hope, to devote to things that I consider more productive, like songwriting, getting back to that novel I started in 1972, reading books (!), and playing music outside the house more often.

I love house concerts, and there are two I'm planning to go to on my calendar for September. A lot of great music coming up. Tom Paxton will be here - I thought I'd read he was cutting way down on touring, and didn't expect to see him again, so that will be a treat.
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I never thought I would unironically throw the horns, but I did last night at a benefit for the Satanic Temple at Substation. The ST is the organization that stands up for separation of church & state with great panache by inserting themselves into, say, prayers at high school football games (here in the Puget Sound area) and putting up goaty statues alongside the Ten Commandments on public property (Oklahoma, as I recall).

I gotta love that, so of course I showed, courtesy of R. I knew a few of the performers, including a lovely friend of Diminutive's. But the Satanist MCs said, "We're not promoters," and that was painfully evident during a couple of the interpretive dance numbers - really. However, the tunes live & otherwise were good, the black clad crowd had fun, and everyone threw the horns during the little ceremonial bit at the beginning.

Oh, and as surprisingly as sunrise, Eliza Gauger from Friday night was there with copies of her book. I saw her just minutes after I'd excitedly told R about it.
I have my real name on my Twitter profile, and as a result the Hubbell Trading Post followed me. I'll save you the trouble of googling it: it's a trading post at Ganado, AZ on the Navajo reservation and, at least formerly, several satellite posts. It was founded by a cousin of my great grandfather's, and my great grandfather and my grandfather and their families lived and worked at several of the trading posts at various points in their lives.

In 1965, shortly before she died and before I was born, my great grandmother Penny wrote her life story, fifty-seven neatly typed pages. Most of it deals with life at the trading posts. I offered a copy to the Hubbell Trading Post and they accepted it. I've got it ready to mail, with a fair warning about the racist bits - I re-read it yesterday - plus a few stories about my grandfather that Penny didn't write about.
From the weekly phone call with Mom, a bit of subversion from her. First, some background: my Evil Sister has moved to Texas, leaving my niece E behind to get the resident's break on college tuition. Mom had a picture of me - the real, female me - out where where E could see it. Mom asked E if she knew who that was, and she said no. Mom gave her the straight dope. E looked very closely at the picture, and when Mom said I was living as a woman, E said, "Good for her." So at last I have verification that the cat is out of the bag.

I'm amused, and I don't blame E a bit if she doesn't really give a damn: Mom reminded me that she was in a car accident a few weeks ago, for which she's struggling to pay bills, and she starts college in a couple of weeks. And of course I'm proud of my mother. I don't even care what her motivation was. A straight woman of nearly eighty from a small town in the Blue Ridge mountains just struck a blow for trans acceptance, and that is pretty nifty.

Done last week (20170806Su - 0812Sa)

Aug. 13th, 2017 02:59 pm
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Very domestic this week. Mostly, putting up shelves and getting stuff unloaded from the pod and unpacked from boxes. Some things are still in the pod. I do, however, have the shelves up behind the beds, modulo a couple of missing brackets. Nothing much on them yet, but it's a start. I also got Colleen's pole set up, so that she has something to grab onto when she wants to get out of bed.

Cricket and the kittens were sick, so a lot of time and worry went into their care. They have spent a couple of nights in with me and Colleen; we have been a little short on sleep as a result. It's amazing how few kittens it takes to constitute a thundering herd.

Not much going on, other than that. We are gradually finding out how friendly people are here -- that's nice. Several nice little conversations with total strangers.

Notes & links, as usual )

A Badge Magic farce, a monologue.

Aug. 13th, 2017 08:49 am
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Those who are familiar with Badge Magic are probably saying "oh no" based on that subject line. For those who are not: it is an adhesive used to attach Scout emblems and patches to uniform shirts. It's also designed to be fully removeable, leaving the shirt and patches reusable; as such, it's not as strong as sewing them on or using an iron on or fusing item, but it's much more convenient if your Scout outgrows the shirt but still needs those patches. And of course, it has its own arcane rules. (It's also more convenient because you can use it without any special tools but a pair of scissors, although access to a dryer is preferred - it heat-sets in the dryer, which is ideal, but it's pretty good at what it does even before that step.)

So, yesterday, I did a load of kids' laundry. I knew that Andrew's class-A Cub Scout shirt was in there, but I forgot, and just tossed it in the washer. Ooops. You should wash these things inside-out (even if you sew on the badges, it's probably a good idea; if you use Badge Magic you definitely should) so all the edges of all those patches don't catch on things and get pulled away.

I kind of got lucky - I spotted it post-wash and fixed it before the dryer, so at least they didn't continue to get pried off, and also none of them came all the way off (although one of the little segments came close).

So I dried it and figured that today I would try to reattach all the loose bits with more Badge Magic. If you know badge magic, you can guess the alternative and the details. If you don't, they're here, but probably still boring. )

Laura's monologue this morning:
  • I hope Badge Magic can save me.
  • Oh, this is going to be tedious.
  • There, got one on! This is going to work. I love Badge Magic. Of course, that was one of the two easy ones because it peeled so far back, but still, this is going to work.
  • Ugh, how big a piece do I need here?
  • I hate Badge Magic. No, get OFF my FINGERS.
  • There. Try again. Oh, that worked. Fiddly, but it worked. I love Badge Magic.
  • This segment almost came off. I'll just take it off, rough-clean the area without solvent, and put it back on.
  • Why could it not have been the Raingutter Regatta segment that came off? I wanted to replace that one with the other segment for that with the other color set, anyway.
  • Oh, I hate Badge Magic. Good thing I'm not going to put my fingers in the dryer, but I'd like the use of my thumb back.
  • Um, no, no, no. No gluing the scissors shut.
  • Arrrgh, what was this pre-attached badge attached with? Well, it wasn't sewn and all the others were, so I'm hoping it was Badge Magic. Even if it wasn't, it should still work to do it now.
  • Hey, it worked! Oh, argh, get OFF my FINGERS you stuff. There.

I showed Scott the results pre-heat-set and he agreed they looked good. Into the dryer for 10 minutes to heat-set it (an optional but highly recommended step) and lay it flat to settle after. I think it's all back to normal, and if not, I'll just have to tweak a few corners. Which is, um, when I'm most likely to temporarily stick my fingers together. At least it isn't superglue.

Given all this, I figure that next month Andrew will have a sudden growth spurt and outgrow the shirt, because that is just my luck. :P

Nun gets some culchah.

Aug. 12th, 2017 06:36 pm
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After dinner & dessert with the Tickler & friends, I went to the book launch party for Problem Glyphs by Eliza Gauger. (Her last name rhymes with "pager". I'd been pronouncing it wrong.)

Gauger is an illustrator. A few years back, she asked people to submit their problems and she would draw a sigil to fix it. Yes, that's a little bit woo, and the drawings certainly look woo with their rich symbolic vocabulary and mythological allusions; Gauger's love and knowledge of several different mythologies are deep. Gauger says that she herself hasn't been into the woo since her teens and I never was, of course, but something about those drawings makes me keep wanting more. It seems almost like engineered magic, black and white drawings that are always mirrored. She's done hundreds so far, with no end in sight.

My favorites among the sigils are the more recent ones with more details and higher concepts: a cephalopod's tentacles drawing a map of land, or a sewn-together bride of Frankenstein holding giant sewing needles with lighting passing through the eyes.

One thing that's absolutely arresting about the drawings is the problems that got submitted: everything from scholastic angst to surviving rape to mental & terminal illnesses. Gauger, who's no stranger to mental illness or sexual assault herself, says she gets migraines from reading them sometimes, which isn't all that surprising.

Like so many artists she says she doesn't like talking about her art and isn't that good at it. I can attest that the second half of that is bullpuckey. She's really articulate, both in writing and in answering questions off the cuff. I can remember oh, almost fifteen years ago when she was an irritant to the Elder Goths on the Board. She's matured a lot.

Lots of People in Black were there, a few of whom I knew. I felt almost like a big city Bohemian. I now have my copy of the book, pre-ordered way back, signed by the artist, plus a small raffle prize.

Have I submitted a problem? Yes, and you know damn well what it is. As I told her, she may have drawn the sigil without my knowledge because a) I keep finding more of them in various corners of the internet, and b) she hasn't published, electronically or otherwise, anywhere near all of the ones she's drawn. There were even some in her slide deck that I'd never seen before.

Queer? Yes. Cute? Shyeah! Available? I don't think so, and that's a damn shame, quite possibly.

food, drink, and toenail voodoo

Aug. 11th, 2017 05:09 pm
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Eats with m'boy the last couple of nights. It's a little mysterious to me why pho tastes so good, but I know why my chicken in white wine reduction doesn't suck: years of practice, good ingredients.

Making progress on my birthday party plans. Banquet permit obtained, as is my booze shopping list. I've been trying to get in touch with a caterer I know for a recommendation. He doesn't do that kind of gig anymore, but he knows who does.

And now for something completely different: superstition. Remember my split toenails that have been healing slowly and painfully? Well, that's gone on for more than a year and a half. I suspect that the US political situation won't get better until I no longer get stabbing pains in my toes, which I predict will be right around the time of the solar eclipse. The right one is comfy in the boots I just bought, and soon the left will be too.

If this entry is too dull, I promise you there are weekend shenanigans planned.

And a followup to Dragoncon

Aug. 10th, 2017 11:46 am
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They've reconsidered their stance and will allow Alison Littlewood to drop herself. Scalzi has agreed to stay on the ballot.

ETA: Scalzi's statement.

The Dragon Awards

Aug. 9th, 2017 04:55 pm
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So, there's been a bit of a kerfuffle about the Dragon Awards and I wanted to get my understanding down. The Dragon Awards were created by Dragoncon as their own award (as opposed to the Hugos, which are part of Worldcon). There's a couple of major problems

1) According to the process, nominations are garnered via SurveyMonkey, which is pretty easily gamed. Anyone can nominate, anyone can vote. There's no membership requirement, just an email. This strikes me as a major problem. It's really easy to generate email addresses and game both the nomination and voting process, especially if you own a domain.

2) Voting is "one email, one vote" The official rules state "No automatic, programmed, robotic or similar means of voting are permitted" but it's not actually difficult to go around that in such a way that it's not going to trip any flags. It's trivial to generate emails of the form if you own

2) They don't actually notify the nominees. If you're nominated for an award you won't know about it unless someone tells you. Neither N.K. Jemisin nor John Scalzi knew they were nominated.

3) Don't don't honor requests to be dropped from the ballot. This has happened to at least 2 people. That's...wrong. You should always have the choice to accept or decline a nomination. Dragoncon's official reply to one of the authors was...clueless. (Littlewood is still on the ballot as I write this. So is Scalzi).

I mean, I think that people who don't like how the Hugos are run are free to create their own award with their own rules. More power to 'em! But these awards aren't going to be particularly meaningful or prestigious unless they address these problems. It'll still be no more prestigious than any other internet poll, but it'll be a little less open to people trying to game the system.

ETA: Dragoncon has reconsidered.

Papa needs a new pair of shoes!

Aug. 9th, 2017 09:09 am
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July flying and gone, and August nearly half over.

Papa did get a new pair of shoes. Nothing like the feeling of actual support when you've been wearing broken down old sneakers that barely stay together.

The truck got new shoes too! I'd been slowly putting aside money via my YNAB budget for the big day, and I finally got to pull the trigger this last week. The last time we had a little rain a few weeks ago, I was sliding all over the place, so it will be nice when we finally get some rain to wash away all this crap in the air, and to feel like I'm not going to slide off the road.

And you know.. the heat. I've been trying to not complain too loudly, but it is amazing how emotionally draining it is with the weather the way it has been. Add to that the smoke, and instead of a bright blue place where some people are happy, it's been this post-apocalyptic arid wasteland feel to it. I know I joke, but I'm not really that thrilled about living in FallOut.

The budget thing has been helping a lot. It is really freaky to pay for big things in cash. I appreciate a lot of people do that all the time, but it feels weird for me.

In other news, we attempted a small garden this year, but I think between the heat and the fact that we got a late start, we're not getting a lot in return. We ended up growing a variety of spinach that was strange.. It had spikey things on it and the leaves weren't that big. And I never realized how long it took for rosemary to grow. I know given room, it will go crazy and you'll end up with a huge bush, but apparently when you're just starting out, it takes time to work itself up. We also had a cluster of thyme plants that got decimated by some sort of pest. We can't really figure out what it was. We just came out one day, and noticed that where once were healthy and successfully growing thyme starts were now bare stems. No evidence to tell us what did it. We had a single thyme start growing in a different box, and that one was left untouched, as was everything else. It is weird.

We recently enjoyed the DVD release of our latest Eleusyve production, the Rite of Jupiter. A lot of work went into it even after the hard work of the crew and cast, and I believe we created our greatest show to date. If you haven't seen it, you should. :-) It is always wonderful to see our work put together and produced in this way. And it was really great to gather with friends and cast members and some old friends to share in our work.

We've also been contemplating the next stage of moving. I think we really want a house in the next iteration whether it is renting or buying. I suspect renting will be the plan to start. Part of it is space.. Part of it is privacy. I'm hoping we'll be able to find a place that makes our home space easier to work with and better for us all.

More to come. :-)

(no subject)

Aug. 9th, 2017 12:04 am
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- Turning on bedside lamp.
- Turning off power-bars.
- Walking up, looking me in the eye, and slowly and deliberately pulling my mouse cable out of the USB port.


Actually usually the first two are Ladybug, who likes to lounge gracefully beside my bed, heedless of whatever pointy switch is in the way. Sammy's more the wild hunter-cat type. He will capture the mouse! And the toy lettuce! And the uncovered body parts! OW THOSE ARE MY BODY PARTS STOP THAT! But then he flops over on my toe and begs for pets and I forgive him.

Bupropion is going very well so far. It's way, way too soon for any direct effect on mood to have happened, but a side effect is insomnia, and my headaches make me sleepy and my headache meds make me REALLY sleepy, so having some insomnia to fight against my hypersomnia is... really great. I'm awake! Appropriate amounts! Being awake is nice! Sadly this is the type of side effect that many people become tolerant to and so fades with time, but maybe I'll be one of the lucky ones who keeps it. In the meantime, enjoying the awakeness and have been going for walks, which is nice despite the smoke. SO MUCH SMOKE. I saw some lovely purple roses with big fat shiny rosehips today on my way to get more injera, which is now my Tuesday Leaving The House habit. Until I get sick of injera. So... never?

I got to see my cousin the lawyer-violinist today! I should visit him more often. I keep thinking he still lives in Toronto, but he moved to BC ages ago and now lives like, 5 blocks away. Anyway, he is clearing our late grandmother's effects out of her apartment and storage unit. She died 19 years ago, but it took that long for someone in the family to finally go GAH WELL SOMEONE HAS TO and get around to it. Heh. Okay it's a bit more complicated than that but not much. Anyway, he dropped off my requested mementoes: some awesome 70s casserole dishes that I remember gramma making things I would refuse to eat in, and a really great floral tea service for Greg to have tea parties with. He was VERY pleased to find it here when he came by this afternoon, and has picked out his favourite flowery cups and put them in the least cat-accessible cupboards of the play kitchen. (I wisely picked the cheapest set of tea cups gramma had in case of cat/child accidents. The Limoges set should go to someone else.)

I have a problem.

Aug. 8th, 2017 05:54 pm
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Hi. My name is Maura and I have a boot problem.

It all started when Diminutive posted about these Fluevogs on a certain other social media site*. I was one of many ladies of a certain esthetic who swooned.

But I hear you say, "Good grief, those are expensive!" That's right.
"Don't you have a closet full to overflowing of black boots already?" Yup, I sure do.
And if you were psychic, because I apparently never posted about it, you'd remind me that I've already bought a pair of boots this year for my birthday next year, so I have not even that flimsy excuse for such an extravagance. Ah, but the ones above are absolutely perfect. That is, if I can last in the heels, which is a possibility only because Fluevog makes diabolically comfortable heels.

But they're beautiful. I love them. They're perfect for my birthday and plenty of other occasions. I'll use the earlier pair as a backup, I guess; they're more practical and would actually make a decent replacement for my black patent Docs, whose uppers are starting to crack.

The boot problem that faces me when I get home is finding space for all of them. Some will definitely have to go, and that will hurt my heart.

I'm contemplating not telling my mom about this. And I tell my mom everything. Yes, everything, until she tells me she doesn't want to hear any more, which is admirably rare. This is exactly the sort of frivolous, spendthrift behavior that she doesn't approve of. And she disapproves of femme things and people in general.

*The one whose preposterous founder is considering running for president.
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So, it was a week.

I actually got in a couple of walks, so that's good. Half an hour takes me to the bus stop at Goss Lake and E. Harbor, so it makes a nice turnaround. It is, unfortunately, uphill coming back. But a nice walk. I've also been making progress with shelving, and the last pod arrived, with our mattresses, so I could put the beds together. And I have Flame and Snuggles, my guitars, back.

That was the good stuff. On the other hand, ...

I also paid the outrageous copay for Colleen's humira, and (after something like six hours on the phone spread across multiple calls) got what I hope is correct information about how much I'll be paying before the "catastrophic" coverage kicks in. The whole system isn't designed for patients -- it's designed to transfer money from the large corporations that pay for their employees' insurance, to "insurance" companies, and from there to drug companies. As soon as one transitions to Medicare the "copay assistance" card goes away, and your copay goes from $5 to $1400.

Meanwhile, two of our four cats had pretty serious upper respiratory infections. They responded to antibiotics, thank goodness! but...

And it being that kind of a week, one of our toilets isn't draining properly, and I can't reach the problem with a snake. So tomorrow we'll have to call a plumber. Oh, joy! And, it being that kind of week, I got confused about the beds and swapped the head and foot ends. This doesn't work so well with adjustable beds, because the ends adjust differently. Fortunately they roll, but I may still have to do some extra work.

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Aug. 6th, 2017 12:44 am
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Bad pain week, bad mood week, time to focus on what isn't bad!


- My unpacked house, still. OMG.

- I just finished reading "Love beyond body, space & time: an indigenous LGBT sci-fi anthology" and it was FANTASTIC and too short. Transgender transhuman robots on the lam! Space lesbians dressing space chihuahuas in dinosaur hoodies! Makeouts in abandoned stargazing motels! Benevolent earth-healing aliens who give buzzcuts to humans who try to mess with them! I just. It's great.

- Oreos with pop-rocks in them. Greg doesn't know I have a bag. I haven't failed my stealth roll... yet.

- Greg. Ofc. He's taken to meowing whenever he's hungry, trying to convince me I own THREE cats, and that like the other two he is starving and must be fed immediately. Also he has a wiggly tooth, did you know that mama? Also mama can I see what pokemon megas you have did you know my favourite one which is very strong on attack is mega-Glalie? Also look I made a lego cat! It folds up.

- Excited to try a new antidepressant starting tomorrow. Can't bump up the dose of my current one because we tried that and wheeeeee, terrible nightmares every sleep cycle like clockwork, NOPE. So adding on bupropion (Wellbutrin/Zyban,) which I am so excited about for boring reasons! It's a fantastic antidepressant that I've always been unable to try because it only comes as a sustained-release tablet (in Canada) for the excellent reason that taking immediate-release bupropion lowers your seizure threshold. BUT. I'm taking an anticonvulsant as my main anti-migraine drug, and also I've stopped drinking entirely because of my stupid migraines, so between the two things my seizure risk is so low that fuck it, crush that SR tablet, who cares!

- I mean also I'm hopeful that will help with my mood? But honestly, mostly excited about the pharmacokinetics. Ugh, my mood. I feel so useless, I feel like such a failure, I feel simultaneously like I'm a faker because I'm not sick enough and that I'm too sick to do anything worthwhile, untangle that. Note that I don't THINK any of those things, I just FEEL them. I recognize the bullshit thoughts for what they are. But they keep firehosing along. So. Hopeful that extra drug power will help. Also going to give another try at regular exercise, this time gentle, slow walking. I'm still so cranky and grief-y about having lost running to my migraines. Walking is a bit of a punch to the feels. (Still having a subscription to Runner's World: also a regular ugh to the gut. I WANT TO RUN BUT IT HURTS SO MUCH.) But if it cheers me up, it will, y'know, have cheered me up, so. QED.

- Splatoon 2. Just played the mayo vs ketchup splatfest and OH MY SOUL IS PLEASED BY TENTACLE PAINTBALL.

- Injera. IS LOVE

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Aug. 4th, 2017 07:40 pm
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This would have been Ame's 27th birthday.

I'm mostly over the grieving now, more than a quarter-century after our middle daughter was stillborn. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that our other daughters have both moved out, so that we see them only every month or two. In a sense, Ame's a little closer than that now. It's ok.

I'm okay. It's actually been three years since I last posted, and that was a short one, a couple of days late. We don't have much to talk about these days.

Good night, Ame. I love you.

Good night, Daddy. I love you too.

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This is one of those entries when I feel like I need to write something if only to ensure people I didn't get eaten by a grue, but I don't have much of interest to write about, I'm afraid.

I no longer have any excuses not to work on the Lambert House database schema & UI again; I have everything I need. I wish I were as enthusiastic about it this time as I was five years ago, but now it just seems like a bureaucratic (and programming) grind that may be pointless, depending on the whim of city officials. The reporting requirements never get any simpler.

The Wendling was at my place last night. I yelled at him when I got home from my bike ride and found the bathroom window shut because it's hot out and I was sweaty. He said the noise bothered him.
"I have earplugs. I'll give you some."
"They're uncomfortable for me."
Goddamn Asperger's.

Speaking of heat, despite or maybe because of all the smoke from wildfires in BC and relative warmth in the Seattle area, I've been sleeping really well. Or maybe I'm still making up for Saturday night.

Speaking of Saturday night, I have an... interesting night planned with the Tickler this coming Saturday. And by interesting I mean maybe a little terrifying. Longtime readers can probably guess what I mean; it's the sort of affair where I met her. Mental note: shave and trim all the things Saturday.
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