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Here I am in Mississauga, Ontario, as the Interfilk guest at Filk Ontario 27! Yesterday was the Day of All the Travel, starting with the shuttle picking me up at 3:45am, resulting in me arriving VERY early at SeaTac airport (4:30am). Our very sleepy traveling party chilled out in the terminal with very pretty fairy tale art (maybe Russian?) in the windows, until it was time to board. After waiting in the plane on the ground in SeaTac for an extra hour and a half, our four and a half hour flight was relatively uneventful save for some enthusiastic turbulence on the descent to Toronto. We got settled in, and did the needful for our respective selves until eventually we were all at dinner in the hotel restaurant. We saw several filkers while we were there, since the restaurant is very directly connected with the lobby. After dinner, I went to the con suite to talk with folks for a while, and took myself off to bed once I noticed I was nodding off in my chair.

So far today, I've rehearsed with my gracious and talented friends, visited registration, eaten in the con suite, perused the Interfilk auction table, seen many wonderful people I see only a couple of times a year (if I'm lucky!), and now I am listening to this evening's concerts. Live music is such a goodness, and filk fills a particular musical hunger for me. I'm very, very happy to be here. My introvert self is a little wide-eyed and uncertain, but I'm managing rather well so far. I have a theme filk tonight at 11:15pm, "Stars and Starships". I shall BOLDLY GO! And hopefully not be too sleepy!


Yep. :)

I gained some levels in "how to perform with accompaniment" in rehearsal today. That was awesome. I'm looking forward to my concert tomorrow, among other things.

"A Scottish gentleman equals one banana" -- from a Google translate from English to German to French to Polish to Japanese to English, if I recall correctly, by Franklin Gunkelman. Ohmahgahd, so funny.
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I'm deleting all the content from my LiveJournal, so now Dreamwidth is where you can find me. I'm keeping the account for as long as I can so I can still view the journals of friends who passed away, but otherwise, this is where I'll be.

Feels really weird; I've been on LJ since 2002.

Comment on this entry if you have a different screenname here and want to be added.


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